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Diode laser system

Diode laser system

★ Features:
● Pick a color, Any color - wavelength from 375nm to 2330nm (UV, Visible, NIR)
● Active Temperature control- temperature control circuit, TE cooler, fan and PID control loop
● Circular Beams- use microlens and correcting prism
● TTL and Analog Modulation- Modulation up to 100MHz
a.Super Luminescent LED module from 680nm to 1610nm
b.Pulsed laser diode module
c.Long coherent length laser module(>30meter)
d.High power laser module
e.Fiber coupled laser module


★ Applications:Confocal microscopy, Flow cytometry, Holography, interferometry, LIDAR, Machine Vision, Raman Spectrospcopy, Metrology

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