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Spectrometer system

Spectrometer system

★ Features:
● StellarNet miniature spectrometers are portable & compact fiber optic instruments
● For UV, VIS, and NIR measurements in the 190-2300nm range
● Numerous models offer standard or high resolution (HR) optics for selected spectral operating ranges
● Offering CCD 2048 & PDA 512/1024 detectors
● Slit size from 5μm-200μm
● 1 ms to 65 sec Integration time
● Concave grating spectrometer provide aberration correction, low stray light,uniform resolution
● TE Cooler for 65% increased S/N at long exposures


★ 相關熱門討論主題:科技搶鮮報─微型光譜儀的特性及應用

★ Application:Light Measurement Systems、Color Measurement Systems、SpectroChemistry Systems、SpectroFluorometer Systems、Chemometric Analysis、Raman Spectrometers and Lasers、Microscopy Measurement Systems、PORTA-LIBS-2000 and Plasma Emission Monitors、Thin Film Measurement Systems

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