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★ Features:
● Available in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 meter focal lengths
● Double grating turret or Triple-grating turret allows high efficiency scanning across a broad spectral range
● Change slits on the fly or Motorized slits. SlitsWidth - 10μm to 3000μm
● Min Resolution: 0.03nm (with 1200 g/mm grating), Moving in wavelength increments as small as 0.01nm per step
● Stray Light: < 0.01% at 220nm (Nal)
● Wavelength Precision and reproducibility: 0.007nm (with 1200g/mm grating)
● The monochromator can add light source to be a tunable light source and add detection system to be spectrograph


★ Application:Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy, Thin Film Thickness Measurement, Semiconductor inspection and optical coating monitoring systems, monochromatic source, tunable light source, the measurement of the Quantum Efficiency (QE) of an imaging device

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