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Spatial light modulator

LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) Spatial light modulator

★ Key features:
● Physical type: translucent and reflective liquid crystal microdisplay
● Provide intensity and Phase only modulation type, Max. intensity ration 2000:1 , Max. Phase shift 6pi
● Resolution choices from 1280 x768 pixel to 1920 x1200 pixel
● Apply for Wavelength from 400nm to 1100nm , 1064nm and 1550nm
● Pixel Pitch 6.4 µm, LETO support HDMI

★ Software function:
Computation of computer generated holograms (CGH) from user defined images, generated basic optical function such as Lens, Gratings, Axicon and Vortex function


★ Application:beam shaping、display characterization、femtosecond application、pulse shaping、holographic mastering、holographic recording、holography/CGH、metrology/3D applications/interferometry、optical image processing、optical tweezer/ microscopy、Projection、Nonimaging speckle interferometry、wavefront Manipulation





 Diffractive Optics(DOE)




Last but not least, the target annual production and a price target are required to choose the best solution.


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