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ALL-IN-ONE Detector

ALL-IN-ONE Detector

★ Features:
● Plug your detectors directly into your PC with the INTEGRA embedded monitor
● INTEGRA detectors offer the same performance as the usual detector + monitor combination
● Perfect for the lab, OEM applications and field servicing. No need to carry a meter!
● Three kinds of detector head: Energy detector, Power detector, Photo detector
● Energy detector: Max.Energy: 3.8J, wavelength from 0.19 μm to 20 μm
● Power detector: Max.Power: 350W, wavelength from 0.19 μm to 20 μm
● Photo detector: Min.Power: 300pW, wavelength: from 210 nm to 1650nm
● One Product = One Calibration. Reduce your recalibration costs by half!

Alternative solutions by detectors with monitor

★ Applications:Laser fusion experiment, Femtosecond laser developing, laser machining, laser surgery

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