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Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine


Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine

● Up to 5 laser wavelengths (selected from the range 405, 445, 488, 532, 561, 640 and 780nm)
● Laser power of up to 60mW per line by special request
● Excellent beam quality (M2 typical 1.1), Low optical noise (0.3% rms)
● Analog modulation up to 3MHz
● Turnkey power supply with USB control
● Output of the fiber: 0.7mm collimated/ FCP/ FCP8 or APC

★ Applications:Bio excitation source, Cell imaging, Flow cytometry, Blood sampling analysis, Ophthalmology, Semiconductor photolithography alignment, Semiconductor defect inspection


  Bio excitation source   Cell imaging Blood sampling analysis Ophthalmology Semiconductor alignment and inspection

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