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Electro-Optic Modulation System

Electro-Optic Modulation System

★ Features:
● Four type of EO system: Laser modulation system, Pulse selection system, Deflection system and Noise eaters
● Laser modulation system: Max. modulation frequency: 500MHz, wavelength range: 240nm to 2000nm
● Pulse selection system : Use with Ti:Sapphire, YAG, YLF and OPO’s from 350nm-to 1600nm applications. Customized options are also available.
● Deflection system: wavelength range: 400nm to 2000nm, Provide 2 Axes system
● Noise eaters: use with laser system 257/266nm, 325nm to 515nm, 532 to 1064nm, 800nm to 2000nm, noise floor :458nm, -100db Relative to F.S.


★ Applications:Noise reduction、Medical imaging、Optical Trapping、Thermal Imaging、Video Disc Mastering、Frequency Phase Systems、Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy、ElectroKinetic Trapping

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