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Advanced Zoom Imaging

Operational Advantages of Fetura Lens Technology
Fetura’s unprecedented performance translates into noteworthy productivity and economy gains for high volume automated imaging applications.

10-Times Greater Imaging Throughput
Fetura’s unique linear rail design combines with synchronized lens-cell motors to propel Fetura across its broad 12.5:1 zoom magnification range in less than 1-second...10-times faster than conventional motorized zoom lenses. That’s 1/10th the imaging time.

9-Times Longer Service Life
Robust engineering extends service life beyond 1-million zoom cycles...a feat that would consume as many as nine conventional motorized zoom lenses. Additionally, Fetura maintains exacting optomechanical precision across 1-million cycles with minimal performance degradation.

Unmatched Operational Economy
Priced to add value to your design, Fetura’s extreme durability translates into an operational cost nearly 1/3 that of nine conventional motorized zoom lenses for extreme applications.

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Advanced Zoom Lens System, Programmable 12.5:1 Zoom Imaging


Fetura 12.5:1 Platform

 Numerical Aperture Range  0.019 – 0.10
 Magnification Range (nominal)  0.52 – 6.5
 Depth-of-Field Range  1.4 – 0.055
 480nm  91.11%
 550nm  92.43%
 650nm  91.80%
 Wavelengths  VIS: 486nm-650nm
 Zoom Magnification Repeatability (low mag.)  0.02%

 Zoom Magnification Repeatability (high mag.)

 Parcentration at image plane (low mag.)  ± 2 μm
 Parcentration at image plane (high mag.)  ± 6 μm
 Zoom Speed (low mag. to high mag.)  < 1 sec.
 Service Life Expectancy  ≥1,000,000 zoom cycles
 Acceleration Tolerance (any orientation)  £ 1G up to 50Hz
 PC Control Interface  USB 2.0
 Power Requirements  US, Europe, UK
 Materials  ISO 14644-1 compliant